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BLOG / Wellness

UNDA blog post

The Magic of UNDA numbers

If you have been to our clinic, then you have most likely been introduced to UNDA numbers. We use UNDA numbers in our practice quite a bit. Biotherapeutic drainage may be another term you hear us use when we refer to the work that UNDAs... [read more]


Obesity Increases Cancer Risk

It is not shocking news to learn that obesity significantly increases cancer risk. One of the newest studies connecting obesity to cancer was just published online in the Lancet in August. The study included more than 5 million people which makes it’s conclusions very valid.... [read more]


Depression, Anxiety, and Pyroluria? What?

Is the answer to your anxiety, depression, or emotional issues more simple than you think? Take a simple questionnaire to find out…click the link below at the end of the article. You don’t have to be able to pronounce it, Pyroluria “Pie-roll-YER-ee-uh” or remember what... [read more]


Pyroluria Questionnaire

Pyroluria: A condition related to many emotional challenges The following symptoms can be directly related to low levels of zinc and Vitamin B 6. Pyroluria is a common metabolism problem that results in increased pyrole excretion in the urine. When these extra pyroles are made,... [read more]

Happy Socks - blog

The Magic of Warming Socks!

I have used warming socks on patients and my own children for over a decade and they work! It is a simple concept and essential in helping the body recover from any problem affecting the head or sinuses. Warming socks are especially important for ear... [read more]

Flu Blog

Fighting the Flu

There have been quite a few cases of the flu circulating through the Portland area. The flu has been responsible for many hospitalizations already in 2014 and has been responsible for a few deaths. It is not something to take lightly and everyone must take... [read more]

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