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BLOG / Circadian Rhythm

Study_Drastic Lifestyle Changes Work for Some_IMG_0242-2046

Study: Drastic Lifestyle Changes Work for Some

We all know the importance of living a healthy lifestyle if we want to get everything we can out of life. As a medical professional, I find myself routinely talking with patients about ways they can transition to a healthier lifestyle than they are living... [read more]

UK Study Sheds New Light on the Role of Magnesium_abstract-science-concept_Gyd7W5v__L (1)

UK Study Sheds New Light on the Role of Magnesium

Magnesium is an interesting substance to stay the least. Those who studied chemistry in high school know it is an element represented on the periodic table as Mg. Chemistry majors might also know that it is the ninth most abundant element in the known universe.... [read more]