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BLOG / Dieting

CICO - Another Unnecessary Nutritional Debate_health-and-nutrition-background_M1Ricju__L

CICO: Another Unnecessary Nutritional Debate

I was enjoying some recreational reading dealing with the topic of good nutrition (yes, I love it that much) when I ran across a long and detailed article having to do with caloric intake. The author is a strong proponent of the paleo diet and... [read more]

Hormonal Balance and the Menstrual Cycle_sitting-woman_MyYa4Q5d

Hormonal Balance and the Menstrual Cycle

The monthly menstrual cycle women must deal with can certainly be inconvenient. For some, the inconvenience is made worse by physical symptoms that can include cramps, insomnia, mood swings, and so on. What’s the solution? Pharmaceutical companies would say drugs, but that may not necessarily... [read more]

The Difference Between Healthy Eating and Dieting_eat-or-diet-directions-on-a-signpost_G1tNQBvO

The Difference Between Healthy Eating and Dieting

Have you seen the recent news stories about public schools measuring the body mass index (BMI) of students? Whether you agree with the government’s methodology or not, the idea behind BMI screening is to help ward off weight-related problems in adulthood by finding a way... [read more]