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Health Insurance Approved Showing Medical Claim Approval

Hawaii’s DPC Answers the Naturopathic-Health Insurance Dilemma

Regular readers of my blog are fully aware that most health insurance plans do not cover treatments provided by naturopathic doctors. The result is that patients are required to pay for naturopathic care out-of-pocket. But there may be a solution on the horizon. Hawaii’s direct... [read more]

Understanding the Restrictive Clause of Health Insurance

Understanding the Restrictive Clause of Health Insurance

New patients frequently ask me about whether health insurance plans cover naturopathic care or not. The general rule is that they do not. Most health insurance companies around the country view naturopathy as an alternative form of medicine that has not proven effective enough to... [read more]

Value-Based Medicine May Help the Naturopathy Cause_web-search-for-medicine_GyiZcLDu

Value-Based Medicine May Help the Naturopathy Cause

Few of us involved in the healthcare industry would argue the fact that the adoption of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as law has already had a profound impact on the way healthcare services are delivered in the United States. One of the core components... [read more]

Naturopathy and Health Insurance - Two Payment Alternatives_search-for-insurance_zJ3tVIDO

Naturopathy and Health Insurance: Two Payment Alternatives

Naturopathy is still considered alternative medicine by virtually every health insurance company in America. As such, the typical insurance plan does not cover most of the treatments offered by a naturopathic practitioner. So what is the patient to do? Well, just as naturopathy is an... [read more]

Neural Therapy, Health Insurance, and Dr. Black_social-network_GkFcGji__L (1)

Neural Therapy, Health Insurance, and Dr. Black

An athlete pays a visit to our Family Healing Center in Portland, complaining of chronic pain as a result of a past sports injury. He has tried everything his other doctors have proposed to no avail. It turns out that he chose to visit our... [read more]