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BLOG / Children's Health

Researchers Trying to Find Zika Answers_vector-mosquito_fkKbB9Id_L (1)

Researchers Trying to Find Zika Answers

There is a lot we know about Zika. For example, the most common form of transmission is through mosquito bites. We also know it can also be transmitted sexually. What we don’t know is how the virus itself manages to harm babies in the womb.... [read more]

Could Migraines in Children Be a Vitamin Problem

Could Migraines in Children Be a Vitamin Problem?

As a naturopath, it is my tendency to look at external influences that might explain a particular illness or malady rather than approaching patients with a ‘treat the symptoms only’ mindset. So imagine my interest in a study presented at the American Headache Society in... [read more]

Children's Health Survey Not Surprising in Modern World_IMG_9325-1379

Children’s Health Survey Not Surprising in Modern World

The University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital issued a press release in mid-April (2016) announcing the results of a brand-new survey detailing the state of children’s health. The results of the survey are not surprising given the modern world our kids are now growing... [read more]


Senate Bill 442

This article is written on behalf of my family, my daughters, my many patients, and all Oregonians who deserve the right to MEDICAL CHOICE. I am a naturopathic family and pediatric physician. For over thirteen years I have offered primary care to families of Multnomah... [read more]