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A Family Healing Center, PC

McMinnville Clinic

330 SE Baker Street
McMinnville, Oregon 97128
PH. 503 883 0333


  • Herb Fusion Strength

    Strength energizes and reduces stress. Our blend of Chinese herbs and nutrients targets the adrenal gland helping your body regulate energy, mood, sleep, blood sugar, blood pressure, and kidney function. With a well-supported adrenal gland you adapt well to any stressful environment with a clear head.

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  • Herb Fusion Tranquility

    Please call our Portland office at (5036-883-0333 to place an order.

    Tranquility relaxes your mind and body. We recommend its blend of magnesium, Vitamin D, and zinc to improve your sleep, alleviate pain and muscle spasms, ease menstrual cramps, and boost your mood. Feeling peaceful, you are able to maintain your active lifestyle.

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