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Yes – Naturopathic Doctors Are REAL Doctors

As a naturopathic doctor, I’m very proud of the work my colleagues and I do on behalf of our patients. I believe the path we have chosen for practicing medicine is in the best interests of all those we help given that we strive to... [read more]

Comments Bubble3 31 August, 2016

Researchers Trying to Find Zika Answers

There is a lot we know about Zika. For example, the most common form of transmission is through mosquito bites. We also know it can also be transmitted sexually. What we don’t know is how the virus itself manages to harm babies in the womb.... [read more]

Comments Bubble0 29 August, 2016

Nutrition Doesn’t Have to Be a Family Vacation Casualty

I spend a lot of time talking with patients about good nutrition. In fact, there’s probably nothing more important to good health than eating right. So what is a family to do at vacation time? How do families maintain good nutritional habits when they are... [read more]

Comments Bubble2 24 August, 2016

Hormone Therapy Still Raises Concerns about the Heart

You’re getting older. As you age, your body is letting you know you are not as young as you were 20 years ago. You do not have that same kind of youthful energy; you find yourself tiring more easily and more often; you don’t seem... [read more]

Comments Bubble1 22 August, 2016

Hawaii’s DPC Answers the Naturopathic-Health Insurance Dilemma

Regular readers of my blog are fully aware that most health insurance plans do not cover treatments provided by naturopathic doctors. The result is that patients are required to pay for naturopathic care out-of-pocket. But there may be a solution on the horizon. Hawaii’s direct... [read more]

Comments Bubble0 17 August, 2016

Get Daily Exercise Despite Inconsistent Study Results

Scientific studies can be our best friend in the world of medicine. Well thought out studies with verifiable results can mean the difference between figuring out how to treat certain illnesses and injuries and having no clue whatsoever. But scientific studies can also be a... [read more]

Comments Bubble0 15 August, 2016

Dry Needling: A Therapy for Chronic Pain Management

Imagine living with chronic pain severe enough to be somewhat debilitating. You might get to the point where you are ready to accept a lifetime of pain medication just to get relief. This scenario is actually more common than most of us realize. Chronic pain... [read more]

Comments Bubble0 10 August, 2016

CICO: Another Unnecessary Nutritional Debate

I was enjoying some recreational reading dealing with the topic of good nutrition (yes, I love it that much) when I ran across a long and detailed article having to do with caloric intake. The author is a strong proponent of the paleo diet and... [read more]

Comments Bubble0 8 August, 2016

Causation Is Key to Improving Emotional Health

There has been a lot of discussion about emotional and mental health in light of the many shooting tragedies we’ve witnessed in the last 24 months. Though mental illness is something we have been attempting to treat for generations, there still seems to be this... [read more]

Comments Bubble0 3 August, 2016

Recipe Rundown

Banana Arugula Breakfast Smoothie

This is a very easy and very quick breakfast to make before you dash out the door. You can experiment by adding your favorite seeds to this recipe as well for added protein. You can switch out the kinds of greens you use and the... [read more]

Comments Bubble2 30 March, 2016

Fresh Sliced Golden Beets with Lemon

I have met many people who have never eaten fresh sliced golden beets. You may not have thought about eating beets raw but think again! These sliced beets make a healthy, simple, easy-to-prepare, and delicious snack. Bring these beets with you on the go.

Comments Bubble0 17 February, 2016

Mexican Quinoa Dinner

Improving your vegetable and healthy protein intake can improve how you feel. Mexican Quinoa dinner is a simple and easy dish to put together. For this recipe, keeping some of the vegetable ingredients out and consuming them raw helps increase the nutrient content of your... [read more]

Comments Bubble0 10 February, 2016

Anti-Inflammatory Crusted Fish

It is very important to continue consuming foods that are anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is at the root cause of most chronic illness. This simple recipe is healthy and delicious. I have crushed many kinds of rice crackers, chips, seeds, and nuts to coat fish. It is... [read more]

Comments Bubble0 5 February, 2016

Blanched Green Beans

Try these simple and delicious green beans. You cook them just enough to bring out the green and season them only with a little salt. You can eat these while they are warm or chill them for an easy to grab snack later on. I... [read more]

Comments Bubble0 15 January, 2016

Crunchy Burritos

Burritos are easy to make and can include a wide array of ingredients. This recipes is meant to be an easy dinner to throw together, but if you have a little more time you can saute onions, garlic, and zucchini in a little olive oil... [read more]

Comments Bubble0 30 September, 2015

Homemade Valentine’s Truffle Chocolates

These very easy homemade Valentine’s truffle chocolates can offer you a healthier way to enjoy chocolate at the holidays! They are made with simple ingredients and are fun to experiment with. Be creative with this recipe! You can omit the peppermint to make a nice dark... [read more]

Comments Bubble0 6 February, 2015

Best Breakfast Smoothie

This smoothie is packed with nutrition, protein, and is a great way to start the day. Double or tripple the recipe for more than 1 person. This makes a rather large drink but that is the point so that you are filled for a longer... [read more]

Comments Bubble0 7 January, 2015

Mini Grain-Free Pumpkin Pies

These mini Pumpkin Pies are perfect for Thanksgiving. They are made very simply with few ingredients and are scrumptious. No crust makes them Paleo and gluten-free friendly and they are only sweetened with honey. For a non-dairy version, exchange the butter for coconut oil or Earth... [read more]

Comments Bubble0 24 November, 2014

Published Work

The Freedom Diet

The Freedom Diet is a 60-day plan including dietary and lifestyle changes along with supportive supplement suggestions. The plan was originally designed for making significant shifts in blood sugar levels for diabetics. By using it on thousands of patients, Dr. Jessica Black discovered its benefits... [read more]

More Anti-Inflammation Diet Tips and Recipes (Spiral)

After the success of her first book, Dr. Black follows up with even more information, recipes, and tips to minimize or prevent inflammation by changing your diet. As stress and emotional issues are connected to inflammation, she encourages people to adopt an Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle (AIL) that includes exercise and lifestyle suggestions. Order your SIGNED copy today!

The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book (Spiral)

The connection between inflammation and heart disease, arthritis, and other chronic ailments has become increasingly clear to doctors around the country and even the world. Based on her naturopathic practice, Jessica Black has devised a complete program for how to eat and cook to minimize and even prevent inflammation and its consequences. Order your SIGNED copy today!

Living With Crohn’s & Colitis

Living with Crohn’s & Colitis offers patient-focused, expert guidance on everything from the latest medical treatments, how to cope with a diagnosis, and tips for balancing diet with a busy lifestyle so you can form a personalized wellness plan. Order your SIGNED copy today!

Amazon Book Reviews

Five Stars

Reviews coming soon...

Five Stars

Reviews coming soon...

Five Stars

Reviews coming soon...

Five Stars

"I have made quite a few of Dr. Black's recipes out of this book. Oh man, the Sweet Potatoes pancakes are AMAZING! We even take them in the truck as a quick snack. Her Oat Waffle recipe is also DELICIOUS!!! -gluten free AND we (family of 6) like her recipe better than any other waffle recipe we have found. We have made quite a few recipes from this book and none of them have been disappointing. Very pleased with this book. I am hopeful she will write more books just like it! We also have her other Anti-Inflammation book and it is a great book as well."

Winterbrook, 2013

Five Stars

"This book is noted as the companion to the "Anti-Inflammation Diet & Recipe Book." I've not seen the first one but after looking this one over, I want to. "More Anti-Inflammation Diet Tips and Recipes" is packed with over 150 new recipes for good living with better health; less pain, fatigue and illness; fewer allergy problems. In the center of the book are some beautifully color illustrated photos of some of the dishes. This is a great book to add to your healthy cookbook collection. Jessica uses more "good fats" than I prefer personally, but there are plenty of recipes that I will use along side my Engine 2 and other vegan cookbooks. Take a look... I think everyone will find some new favorites in here. There are some great ideas!"

Upper Columbia Acdemy - UCA Library, 2013

Five Stars

"Due to a health problem, I have had to go on an anti-inflammatory diet...the tips in this book are very helpful, and the recipes are delicious...even my son is enjoying them!"

Janet Gibney, 2013

Five Stars

"I read about nutrition every day and have a library of texts on the various subjects. I am a researcher by profession and an avid 'truth seeker' about nutrition and health. I have read many texts concerning inflammation (probably the greatest new area of medical research in the next 20 years, excluding cancer - which also has a good deal in common with inflammation issues) and this is a book that I would recommend above all the others. It has good solid accurate information concerning the many causes of inflammation and the ways to counter act the body's state of inflammation. The details surrounding the condition of inflammation in the body are more complete and concise here. If you are going to buy one good book on inflammation - this would be the one to buy."

Jean de Waal, 2006

Five Stars

"Ok, I'll admit I'm an M.D., but I've begun to see the huge flaws in allopathic medicine. I made lunch, a snack dip, dinner, and some granola for the next day right out of the cookbook section. They were all home runs! I LOVE to cook real food, need to chop, simmer, experiment, smell and taste complex flavors. This fits the bill. The recipes are well written and easily modified. Much of the information is included as tidbits with each recipe. The framework is well stated and easy to understand, and includes a list of foods and equipment helpful to have on hand, a couple sample week-long meal plans, and a handy chart summarizing the recommendations. I woke up after one day of following these recommendations headache-free, without any joint stiffnesss, and well-rested. Wow! I have NEVER experienced a dietary change that screamed "keep it up!" likes this does. Simply eliminating foods, without knowing what to add or how to make up the difference, can leave you perplexed and unbalanced. This gives you the whole picture. Thank you, Dr. Black!"

Karen B Mielke, 2008

Five Stars

"This book is very informative. It's amazing the things we don't know about how the body works. I'm currently doing the diet that it suggests and I can't believe in just a few days into the diet I feel better and have lost about 4.5 pounds already."

Gail P. Lowe, 2013

Five Stars

"Very useful and informative - my son was just diagnosed with Crohn's disease. I work in the health care field and appreicated the evidence based, global look at treating Crohn's with holistic as well as medical approach."

Lauri M Ek, 2012

Five Stars

"This book is an excellent read for both the lay person, and practitioner. The personal testimony of Ms. Cummings complements Dr. Black's approach to healing perfectly; we come to understand the experience of having IBD, and what it is like to both treat IBD and encourage a true healing process. I also liked the abundance of healthy recipes at the end of the book. Thanks to Dede for sharing her journey and to Dr. Black for enumerating her approach to healing so clearly. A gem of a book!"

J, 2010

Five Stars

"I bought this book based on people's review of it. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to understand more about Chrohn's or Colitis. It actually explains the science behind these diseases and gives you a better understanding of WHAT is going on in your body and WHY. This is stuff your doctor doesn't necessarily take the time to explain. I found it very insightful and informative, feeling more empowered after reading this book. There is information about different forms of treatment/changes in lifestyle, but you can take that part with a grain of salt--the majority of the book is extremely helpful in getting a better understanding of what is happening inside your body with these diseases."

LK, 2012