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The Freedom Diet




The Freedom Diet is a 60-day plan including dietary and lifestyle changes along with supportive supplement suggestions. The plan was originally designed for making significant shifts in blood sugar levels for diabetics. By using it on thousands of patients, Dr. Jessica Black discovered its benefits reached far beyond improving blood sugar levels and reducing diabetic medications.

Beginning The Freedom Diet helps people achieve their health goals and again have the freedom to enjoy life more thoroughly and can prevent premature aging. Amongst a world of significant toxicities, sedentary habits, and poor diet choices, the 60 days to Freedom Plan is a commitment you will never regret. Not only will this plan help you improve your habits during the 60 days, it will help you convert some of your most unhealthy habits into healthier ones. Break your addictions, change your thinking, and eat healthily without counting calories for the rest of your life.

In the book, Dr. Black also describes in detail steps to change and she lies out an easy to follow 60-Day plan including exercise, diet changes, and supplements. Because prevention is truly the key to future health, Dr. Black concludes the book with future steps in continuing your path towards better health and prevention of chronic illness.


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Five Stars

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Five Stars

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