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Hummus Cucumber Sandwiches

Comments Bubble0 2 October, 2013

These are great, beautiful appetizers to put out for any party. Even for non gluten-free guests, they are always a hit. They are so simple and easy to prepare. They are heavy on the cucumber and light on the cracker. Perfect. You can find the mini rice crackers online or at Trader Joe’s.

Serves 6
APPROX. TIME 10 minutes or less


1 Box of Mini Rice Crackers

2 cucumbers

1 container of hummus from the store (or even better, make your own using the Balsamic Hummus Recipe)


Slice the cucumbers and arrange on a nice platter. Generously dollop a large spoonful of hummus on top of each cucumber. Top with a mini rice cracker and serve immediately.


You can alter the Balsamic Hummus Recipe by leaving out the balsamic vinegar and making plain hummus or using any other ingredient you would like to add such as greek olive tampenade, edamame, roasted garlic, or even pureed baked sweet potatoes. Other last minute ideas for delicious additions to the hummus before diving onto the cucumbers are using chopped fresh parsley, red pepper flakes, paprika, extra olive oil, sprinkle of lemon juice on each hummus dollop, or pine nuts.

Be brave when mixing flavors. If you are unsure, put a few spoonfuls of the hummus aside and mix in your favorite addition. Is it delicious? Do you want to take another bite? Then you picked right!

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