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The Magic of UNDA numbers

UNDA blog post

If you have been to our clinic, then you have most likely been introduced to UNDA numbers. We use UNDA numbers in our practice quite a bit. Biotherapeutic drainage may be another term you hear us use when we refer to the work that UNDAs do for your body. UNDAs create better functioning cells. By the numbers we choose, we can isolate particular organs. UNDAs are chosen specifically for you and your particular health concerns. Initially, we like to use basic UNDAs that help to facilitate the function of your liver, gastrointestinal system, and your kidneys. We feel these primary detoxification organs are vital to improving your health. If we improve the function of these clearing organs, then when we want to use UNDAs to do deeper work, the body is better prepared and responds better to the UNDA therapy.

We like to think about everyone having a particular capacity to take things in before they overflow. Items that stress our body can be anything from environmental toxicity, poor diet, lack of sleep, stressful emotional events, seasonal allergens to food sensitivities, overwork, poor genetics, and various other insults. At some point in the developing of your illness, your body no longer could continue taking all of these insults without creating symptoms. The symptoms you see or feel are only the small tip of the ice burg that has been growing for years inside.

It is no longer okay to merely suppress symptoms. When we suppress symptoms, we are prolonging the issue and resulting symptoms. Over time, the longer you suppress symptoms the more difficult it can be to reverse the disease process. People are demanding a different approach to healthcare. They don’t want their symptoms suppressed; they want their bodies to heal. And when people heal, over time, symptoms improve.

When reversing the disease process, it is more important to think about making the body function better. When the body functions better, we should see disease reversal. Most importantly, improving cellular function with UNDA numbers is how we start the best foundation for disease reversal. When you are able to eliminate properly, you are less likely to put your overload into disease states.

For example, when someone’s liver, gastrointestinal track, and kidneys are not functioning optimally, the body has to do something else with the overload. It may use the skin and the lungs as a way out of the body. This is what we call the body using it’s secondary organs of detoxification. Having a skin reaction is often the body’s way of keeping the internal environment cleaner. Therefore your body has figured out how to keep the inside of your body healthier by routing the overload to the skin to be eliminated. Even emotions can cause overload and the hormones that are created under stress can cause your body to eliminate through the skin.

Not everyone gets so lucky. Some patients, depending on their genetics, don’t have the ability to eliminate through their skin or lungs. These people often drive their toxicity deeper if they are not able to properly eliminate. To generalize, patients who don’t have the ability to form skin rashes or lung issues have to rely on the proper functioning of their liver, gastrointestinal tract, and kidneys. As we age and accumulate toxicity or overload, these organs get stressed (even if they show up normal on a blood test). If these organs are bogged down and have compromised function and the skin and lungs are not an option, then the overload can often be carried to the inside. Once the burden is transferred to the inside, the body must figure out what to do with the excess so that the problem interrupts as few processes as possible. If you think about it, this is quite an intelligent process that the body accomplishes. Most body processes that occur that create symptoms are really just an attempt by the body to have the internal environment maintain homeostasis for a bit longer. If the body is able to wall off and store the excess burden, then it will maintain a cleaner environment longer for the body to maintain it’s daily functions.

Examples of how the body may internalize toxicity are elevated cholesterol(fat carries toxicity), arthritis (deposits into joints), fatty liver (liver deposits), ovarian cysts (deposits into ovaries), obesity, fibroids, warts, growths, lipomas, tumors, and atherosclerosis. I think you get the point. Even deposits into the nervous system, especially heavy metals, can cause anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other nervous system issues.

UNDAs create a path of exit from the body. They help the body regain it’s most important functions of elimination. Once that is achieved with the first few sets of UNDAs, then UNDAs can be used for deeper issues. We have used UNDAs successfully in our clinic for over a decade and on thousands of patients of all ages, including day-old babies.

UNDAs can be used on babies, children, and adults. They are extremely safe and stimulate the body’s vital force, or natural energy source for life. We are all energy beings and UNDAs have the ability to reach deeply into our energy state to improve its resonance and response.

Despite the title, UNDAs are not magic. They are a series of medicines that are comprised of homeopathic medicines in cell salt dilutions. UNDAs have the ability to stimulate cells to improve their enzyme functions, thereby improving cells’ elimination, building processes, breaking down processes, and sharing and communicating with other cells.

All cells have a lifespan, some lasting longer than others and some being reborn often. For example, absorbing cells in the gastrointestinal tract lining only have a lifespan of a few days, but nerve cells have a lifespan of years. When cells of a tissue die and other cells are regenerated, they replicate the exact health and energy of the tissue or organ, including all of it’s malfunctions. UNDAs used over a long period of time have the ability to create healthier tissues and organs by creating healthier cells.

A great example of UNDA use in a newborn is a case in which a child was released to our clinic from the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) under 2 weeks old. He was born small, premature, and with a kidney dysfunction. His parents were told that he most likely would need a kidney transplant by the age of 4. We had this little boy on UNDA numbers from days old until 18+ months. His mother diligently gave him 3 doses per day for nearly the first two years of his life. By 18 months, his scans were completely normal and we no longer are using UNDA numbers with him. Of note, he is the healthiest one of all of his siblings and he doesn’t have eczema like the rest of his siblings. I credit this to UNDA numbers making his kidneys so efficient that he doesn’t need to use the skin as an additional eliminator.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about UNDA numbers. I am still amazed and awed by them daily and I have been using them with patients for nearly 15 years.


  1. * Message I enjoy learning about the positive effects that your office has to offer.
    Thank You! * Message

    • jessica black (Author)

      Thank you for that comment! Hope you are doing well Lazanne. Warmly, Dr. Black

  2. Christine

    So, what is in the UNDAs?

    • jessica black (Author)


      Here is a great link to more information about the UNDA numbers. They are combination homeopathic medicines.

      Warmly, Dr. Black

  3. Shameer Mulji

    I just started taking a UNDA 17, 39, 43 today. I got diarrhea. Is that normal?

    • jessica black (Author)


      It isn’t common that someone would get diarrhea while taking the UNDA numbers but could happen. If diarrhea occurs, it means that your organs of detoxification need to be supported. You can do hot and cold showers, dry skin brushing, deep breathing, and drink plenty of filtered water.

      Warmly, Dr. Black

  4. Do unda help with drug detox? I have gene mutations that disallowed a drug from exiting my body. My spleen is so painful now. Using 1, 4, and 18. Very bad pain. Any insights if this will work based on your experience

    I have gene mutations that has led to my spleen being extremely compromised. Super distended stomach. Taking unda 1, 4 and 18. Any experience with these for patients like me?

    • jessica black (Author)


      UNDA numbers are usually used in a rotating pattern in which we choose new numbers monthly. This allows us to target many specific areas within the body. If you are with a physician who has chosen these numbers, then I believe they have a therapeutic plan and order of sets in mind while using these. Therefore it is hard for me to comment on just one set whether they have been appropriately chosen. UNDA 1 supports liver, UNDA 4 supports upper GI/GI/spleen, and UNDA 18 tries to remove the chronicity of the problem.

      I hope this helps!

      Warmly, Dr. Black

  5. Ellen

    My doctor prescribed Undas for my Pulmonary Fibrosis and Bronchiostatis. I took them for almost two years. My latest CT scan shows no Pulmonary Fibrosis or Bronchiostatis. Unfortunately, i have moved and no longer have access to that wonder Naturopath. I need to find a new one. I want to take Undas now for my fatty liver.

  6. Lia

    Hello, thank you for the informative article. I have a 9 month old and 3 UNda remedies were recommended. He has an oral aversion and will only accept milk in a bottle. Not water. Could I mix the unda remedies together in water and then put in an ounce of milk? We were also recommended specific cell salts. Could I include this as well? Also, I’m concerned about the alcohol in the remedies. What are your thoughts on this? Thank you!!!

    • jessica black (Author)

      Most babies will get over their aversion to the taste within a week. Usually if you can just get them used to taking them right in the mouth either from the bottle or from a spoon it will be best for your longevity in being able to use them. Mixing them in water is next best. Mixing them in milk or other liquids is least desirable but if that is the only way initially then you’d have to stick with it and maybe work towards continuing to decrease the amount of other liquid you are mixing them in. UNDAs are incredible at their ability to stimulate the natural healing ability of the body. Cell salts also do best when not mixed with other foods. Most 9 month olds would just suck on them as they are usually pretty tasty and dissolve well. I am not concerned about the alcohol. They are about 20% alcohol so in actually your baby is only getting about a drop 3 times per day. I have used these remedies on thousands of babies and children with no ill effects from the amount of alcohol in the UNDAs.

      Best of luck with your UNDA use.


      Dr. Black


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