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6 Foods to Eliminate to Help you Lose Weight

Everyone over 30 can relate to the fact that it isn’t as easy to maintain that perfect weight we strive for anymore. Keeping and maintaining a healthy weight isn’t about going on diets or counting calories. These types of restrictions are not realistic long term. Who wants to count calories for the rest of their lives? I know I don’t, but I don’t mind making sure that I am eating the right kinds of foods. I know that if I make good food choices 95 – 98 % of the time, I can maintain a healthy weight, feel great, and still get to eat my favorite sweets come time to celebrate.

I have come up with 6 foods that should be avoided to help keep healthy weight and increase your ability to lose it. These 6 foods provide calories for the body and don’t have much more to offer. Avoiding them will help you trim down and feel better.

  1. Potatoes such as white, yellow, purple, and red
  2. White rice. Substitute brown rice, wild rice, or quinoa
  3. Bread. Don’t substitute with gluten-free bread; just avoid it completely.
  4. Pasta. Substitute with gluten-free pasta on rare occasions.
  5. Sugar drinks including sodas, juice, Vitamin water, etc… Even drinks from Starbucks!
  6. Sugary snacks and pastries. This includes candy, cookies, donuts, cake, and similar items. Healthier versions of sweets can be made at home.

Your goal should be that you avoid these foods 98 % of the time, always and forever. Giving you the 2 % leeway makes this diet manageable long term. On specialty occasions only, eat what you want but stay committed to returning to this diet the following day.

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