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IV Therapy for Shingles and Other Conditions

Naturopathic medicine is still not the go-to option in America, but more people are coming around to our more natural way of healing as they learn about the benefits of naturopathy. For example, IV therapy is growing in popularity for the treatment of numerous conditions, including nutritional deficiency and shingles. Patients are discovering that correcting vitamin deficiencies through IV therapy does a lot more for healing than merely taking prescription drugs to mask symptoms.

Treatment of shingles is one of the most exciting avenues we have seen of late in regards to IV therapy. The idea behind IV therapy as a shingles treatment is to boost vitamin C levels in order to speed up natural healing and reduce post-illness pain. We have seen very good results within the naturopathic community thus far.

Studies have observed that shingles is often accompanied by a drop in vitamin C levels. This is actually true with nearly every illness that stresses the immune system. As the immune system has to work harder, the levels of vitamin C in the body are depleted. Where shingles are concerned, the depletion of vitamin C is acute.

Vitamin C and Viral Replication

Most of us are familiar with the idea of reducing the effects of the common cold through vitamin C supplementation. There is good reason for that. Vitamin C is known to inhibit viral replication, allowing the body’s immune system to attack the existing virus without having to deal with replication. This is the very reason naturopathic practitioners use vitamin C in an IV therapy to treat shingles.

Above and beyond viral replication, one of the most agonizing aspects of shingles is the terrible pain it produces. Unfortunately, the pain does not always subside along with the blistering skin rash shingles is known for. It is possible to continue feeling post-illness pain for years afterward. By boosting the level of vitamin C in the blood, we can help reduce the pain of shingles and eliminate it faster.

A study published in 2012 in the Medical Science Monitor confirms many of the theories relating to vitamin C and shingles treatment. Researchers from Germany studied data presented by 16 different practitioners who treated 67 shingles patients between 2009 and 2010, using IV therapy for two weeks followed by standard shingles treatment.

The data showed significantly improved dermatological presentation and less pain at the follow-up mark of 12 weeks. Furthermore, the risk of developing chronic, post-illness pain was reduced in a significant number of patients.

IV Therapy Is Not New

While we are excited that IV therapy for shingles and nutritional deficiencies is growing in popularity within the medical community, it is important for us to point out that IV therapy is not new. It has been used for years to help ease the withdrawal symptoms of drug and alcohol detox; it has been used to help replenish the nutrient-depleted bodies of athletes; IV therapy is a common postoperative treatment in ICUs all across the country.

What we are now discovering in naturopathy is that IV therapy can be useful for so many additional things. By directly infusing the bloodstream with essential vitamins, minerals, and other substances, we can encourage the body to heal more quickly and naturally. In light of that, do not be afraid to ask whether IV therapy is appropriate for a medical condition you are dealing with.

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