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Pyroluria Questionnaire

Pyroluria: A condition related to many emotional challenges

The following symptoms can be directly related to low levels of zinc and Vitamin B 6. Pyroluria is a common metabolism problem that results in increased pyrole excretion in the urine. When these extra pyroles are made, they bind strongly to Vitamin B6 and zinc therefore when they are excreted, they pull the zinc and B6 from the body. The symptoms listed below that can be directly related to B6 or zinc are labeled to help us better finalize a treatment plan for patients. Symptoms without these designations are due to a deficiency of both vitamin B6 and zinc.

If you don’t plan on printing out this questionnaire, keep track of how many symptoms you are positive for along the way so you can easily count them when you are done. If you do not know the answer to the question, do not mark it.

Most Common Signs and Symptoms

§ Being anxious, shy, or fearful or experiencing inner tension since childhood, but hiding these feelings from others

§ Having bouts of depression or nervous exhaustion

§ Poor dream recall, stressful or bizarre dreams, or nightmares (low vitamin B6)

§ Excessive reactions to tranquilizers, barbiturates, alcohol, or other drugs, in which a little produces a powerful response (low vitamin B6)

§ Preferring not to eat breakfast, experiencing light nausea in the morning, or being prone to motion sickness (low vitamin B6)

§ White spots or flecks on the fingernails or opaquely white or paper-thin nails (low zinc)

§ Liquid zinc sulfate having a mild taste or tasting like water (low zinc)

§ Poor appetite or having a poor sense of smell or taste (low zinc)

§ Joints popping, cracking, or aching; pain or discomfort between the shoulder blades; or cartilage problems (low zinc)

§ Pale or fair skin or being the palest in the family, or sunburning easily, now or when younger

§ Disliking protein or having ever been a vegetarian or vegan

§ Being sensitive to bright sunlight or noise

§ Upper abdominal pain on your left side under the ribs or, as a child, having a stitch in your side as you ran

§ Frequent fatigue

§ Being prone to iron anemia or low ferritin levels

§ Tending to have cold hands or feet

§ Having frequent colds or infections, or unexplained chills or fever

§ Reaching puberty later than normal or having irregular menstruation or PMS

§ Having allergies, adrenal issues, or problems with sugar metabolism

§ Having gluten sensitivity

§ Neurotransmitter imbalances, especially low serotonin

§ For women, belonging to an all-girl family or having look-alike sisters

§ For men, having a mother from an all-girl family or a mother with look-alike sisters, or all the females in the mother’s family bearing a strong resemblance to each other

§ Avoiding stress because it upsets your emotional balance

§ Tending to become dependent on one person whom you build your life around

§ Preferring the company of one or two close friends rather than a gathering of friends; becoming more of a loner as you age

§ Feeling uncomfortable with strangers

§ Being bothered by being seated in the middle of the room in a restaurant

§ Being easily upset by criticism


Less Common Signs and Symptoms

§ Stretch marks or poor wound healing (low zinc)

§ Crowded upper front teeth, many cavities, or inflamed gums or wearing braces (low zinc)

§ Bad breath and body odor (or a sweet, fruity odor), especially when ill or stressed (low zinc)

§ Being prone to acne, eczema, herpes, or psoriasis

§ Reduced amount of hair on your head, eyebrows, or eyelashes, or prematurely gray hair

§ Difficultly recalling past events and people in your life

§ Focusing internally, on yourself, rather than on the external world

§ Tending to have morning constipation

§ Tingling sensations or muscle spasms in your legs or arms

§ Feeling stressed by changes in your routine, such as being in new situations

§ Your face looking swollen when you’re under a lot of stress

§ Cluster headaches or blinding headaches

§ One or more of the following: a psychiatric disorder, schizophrenia, high or low histamine, alcoholism, learning and behavioral disorders, autism, or Down syndrome


If you have checked 15 or more items, especially the more common ones, it’s highly probable that you have pyroluria and will benefit from taking zinc and vitamin B6 supplements. These supplements should be prescribed under the care of a knowledgeable physician.

This questionnaire is based on the experience of a physician working with many clients with Pyroluria, along with information from Depression-Free Naturally (2001), by Joan Mathews-Larson, Nutrition and Mental Illness (1987), by Carl Pfeiffer, and Natural Healing for Schizophrenia and Other Common Mental Disorders (2001), by Eva Edelman.

This questionnaire is taken from chapter 7 of The Antianxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood and End Cravings, now available in major books stores, at Amazon and via

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