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The Freedom Diet – coming sooooooon!

The food revolution is here and can be confusing to navigate. With dietary suggestions coming from all directions, one must be able to search through all of these suggestions and come up with the plan that is the best fit. Not all of the recent fad diets are the same, but they have the same thing in common: their suggestions are trying to make you healthier. The fact is, if you pay attention to what is going into your body and modify the unhealthy foods, you’ll feel better. No matter what diet you choose, the most important part is getting rid of the “fluff,” the foods that carry with them a lot of calories without nutritional benefit.


I love food. I love cooking and tasting and preparing creations in the kitchen. So when someone says to me I can’t have something, my initial reaction is “WHAT?”


The Freedom Diet started in my office years ago when I was trying to figure out the fastest way to get a patient’s blood sugar down. I had a patient who was a bus driver for the school system. She loved her job and she loved the children that she drove daily. She came in after her blood sugar registered an alarming number. Her superiors discussed the health issue with her and let her know that if her blood sugar did not get under control within 30 days, she would be terminated. This is rather harsh and a rather short time frame to work within. We went to work and I came up with this diet and a supplement plan for her. She was an amazing subject to try the diet on because of her motivation to stay with the children. Her blood sugar levels came down significantly in a 30-day period and she was still able to ride with her children.


When we first began the diet, we called it something like “blood sugar regulation diet.” It was boring. One day, one of my patients was commenting on the diet and kiddingly called it “Freedom.” She explained that even though the diet felt restrictive, it gave her a freeness to do things she couldn’t do previously in her unhealthy state. The name stuck and to this day in my office, we call it the Freedom Diet. Not because dieters can eat what they want, but because they become “free” to experience an unlimited amount of joy and improved health after being on the diet for a few months. They curb their sugar addictions, their mood improves, energy improves, sleep improves, pain improves, they lose weight, and they improve their blood sugar and lipid levels. Because of this, the diet has a truly “anti-aging” aspect to it, which will be discussed in depth later on in the book.


I have been using this rather strict diet in my patients to help improve blood sugars for a long time. When adhering to this diet, along with lifestyle changes and supplements, we can see fasting blood sugars drop dramatically in most patients. Everyone who adopts this diet sees a positive change. Most people will have more energy, better moods, and better response to regular medical therapies. For years I have prescribed the anti-inflammatory diet to patients, but realized that for a certain subset of patients, particularly those with diabetes, something stricter was needed at first to initiate a larger change in the body. This diet was originally only prescribed to diabetics to lower blood sugar, but over time it has transformed into a diet for wellness. It is a pure, “slow down the aging process,” incredible diet that makes people feel well and begins to stimulate the regenerative processes within the body.


To achieve significant changes in wellness, sometimes we need to take bigger leaps in our willingness to change. I won’t lie, this diet is difficult, but it does have an end in sight, and then we can convert the diet into an easier to follow plan for the future. All I am asking for is 60 days of dedicated commitment so that you are able to begin changing the patterns that created ill health in the first place.


In a world of significant toxicities, sedentary habits, and poor dietary choices, the 60 days to freedom is a commitment you will never regret. Not only will this plan help you improve your health during the 60 days, it will help you convert some of your most unhealthy habits into healthier ones. Break your addictions, change your thinking, and eat healthy without counting calories for the rest of your life.


The more that I have studied sugar and its effect on the body, the more I have come to feel extremely strongly about this program. Not only does sugar impact future diabetes and cardiovascular health, it also largely impacts the rate at which we age. Increased amounts of blood sugars over long periods of time create an excess of oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress causes damage to arteries and many important tissues in the body and is directly related to aging. Sugar directly increases how much oxidative load your body encounters. The more oxidative damage that occurs within the body, the faster the aging process occurs. We will discuss further throughout the book oxidative damage, what it is, and what causes it, in addition to types of sugars and how we are consuming them in our diets.


I have put thousands of patients on this particular diet and program and have seen profound results when followed diligently and correctly. This 60-day program can be particularly helpful in reducing aging, diabetes, chronic infections of any type, arthritis, allergies, gastrointestinal issues, and more.


Stay Tuned: The Freedom Diet will be coming out in spring of 2016!



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