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The Magic of Warming Socks!

I have used warming socks on patients and my own children for over a decade and they work! It is a simple concept and essential in helping the body recover from any problem affecting the head or sinuses. Warming socks are especially important for ear infections, sore throats, and sinus infections. The treatment is quick and the materials are easy to find.

What you need

Simple pair of white cotton socks

Pair of wool socks


Before bed, make sure your feet are nice and warm. You can either accomplish this by taking a hot shower or bath or simply dipping your feet in a hot foot bath. Before the hot shower, bath, or foot bath, wet a pair of thin cotton socks in cold water.  Wring them both out completely so they are not dripping.  Put them aside while you get your feet nice and warm. After you get out of the bath or shower, dry your feet off and put the cold, damp, cotton socks on. Then pull the dry thick wool socks on over them, get bed clothes on, and go to bed.

All night long your body will work to bring extra circulation down to your feet and bring congestion away from the head.  In the morning your inner socks will be dry and your cold will be on its way out! I suggest doing the warming sock treatment at least 3 – 5 nights in a row when you feel something coming on and especially when you have any upper respiratory illness.

Warming socks can also be used for various other ailments. They help infants, children, and adults sleep better, can be used to calm a baby during teething, and can be used during a headache to bring blood away from the head. Warming socks can also be used regularly to help increase general circulation and healing.

Modification for Babies

For babies, simply give them a warm bath before bed or nap time, use baby sized cotton socks to run through cold water and wring out. Diaper them and put the cold cotton socks on and then put them in a onesie and fleece pajamas (with feet). The pajamas must be fleece. If you don’t have fleece pajamas, it is acceptable to put on the cotton socks and then baby or child wool socks and then any footie pajamas on over the top to ensure the wool socks stay on. Note: the child’s wool sock can be bigger than their feet as long as you find a way to keep the wool sock in contact with the baby’s feet.

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