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Value-Based Medicine May Help the Naturopathy Cause

Few of us involved in the healthcare industry would argue the fact that the adoption of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as law has already had a profound impact on the way healthcare services are delivered in the United States. One of the core components... [read more]

Solving the Diabetes Epidemic with Good Family Nutrition

A 2010 report from the CDC declared that the incidence of diabetes in America would double or triple by the year 2050. A decade earlier, the CDC estimated that at least one-third of the children born in 2000 was destined to be diabetic as an... [read more]

Personal Limits Important to Emotional and Mental Health

Just about everything we do in the daily routine involves some sort of relationship. We must relate with our co-workers from 9 to 5; we must relate to our spouses and children on evenings and weekends. Then we must engage in additional relationships every time... [read more]

Nutritional Trends: Gluten Reduction and the DASH Diet

I’m always looking for new ways to use nutritional habits to improve health and prevent illness. Why? Because I am a firm believer in the fact that we truly are what we eat. Not every illness can be prevented through good nutrition, but there are... [read more]

No Need for War Between Naturopaths and Allopaths

Use your favorite search engine to search for stories talking about naturopathic medicine. You know what you are likely to find? You’re likely to see dozens of different articles condemning or defending naturopathy as an alternative to allopathic (traditional, pharmacy-based) medical practice. Indeed, there seems... [read more]

Naturopathy Offers Hope for Asthma Sufferers

Naturopathy is still not the preferred means of medical care among most Americans, but we are working on it. My colleagues and I are constantly looking for new and proven treatment options that give our patients more choices for dealing with their health issues and... [read more]

Hormonal Balance and the Menstrual Cycle

The monthly menstrual cycle women must deal with can certainly be inconvenient. For some, the inconvenience is made worse by physical symptoms that can include cramps, insomnia, mood swings, and so on. What’s the solution? Pharmaceutical companies would say drugs, but that may not necessarily... [read more]

Fitness Rankings about Behavior Are Not Measured Physical Health

For the third year running, Washington DC has been declared the fittest city in America. The 2015 ACSM American Fitness Index also ranked Minneapolis, Denver, Portland and San Francisco in the top five while cities like Oklahoma City and Indianapolis were at the bottom of... [read more]

Study: Drastic Lifestyle Changes Work for Some

We all know the importance of living a healthy lifestyle if we want to get everything we can out of life. As a medical professional, I find myself routinely talking with patients about ways they can transition to a healthier lifestyle than they are living... [read more]

Cancer Study Reveals Importance of Good Nutrition

How important is good nutrition to you? Knowing what I know about holistic healing in naturopathy, nutrition is very important to me and my family. We are what we eat. Therefore, we strive to eat well by maintaining a balanced diet that is nutritionally sound.... [read more]