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Why Naturopaths Ask so Many Darned Questions

As a practitioner of naturopathic medicine, I am known to ask a lot of questions. So many questions, in fact, that I’ve had patients ask me why I needed so much information. Some are confused due to past experiences with other doctors who barely asked... [read more]

3 Nutritional Habits That Can Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

You have heard it before – heart disease is the leading cause of death among both men and women in the U.S. Approximately one in every four adult deaths are the result of some form of heart disease, bringing the total to more than 610,000... [read more]

3 Kinds of Hormones and What You Should Know about Them

Hormones are a group of chemicals in the body that are transported via the circulatory system to different tissues and organs. They help to relegate a long list of physiological functions including growth, development, sexual function, digestion, metabolism, and on and on. Any imbalance in... [read more]

The More We Learn About Stem Cells, the Greater Their Potential

How much do you know about stem cells? If you are like most people, your knowledge extends to the political argument over stem cell research and not much further. But take heart, those of us in the medical community don’t know as much as we... [read more]

Neural Therapy, Health Insurance, and Dr. Black

An athlete pays a visit to our Family Healing Center in Portland, complaining of chronic pain as a result of a past sports injury. He has tried everything his other doctors have proposed to no avail. It turns out that he chose to visit our... [read more]

Neglecting Emotional Health Can Lead to Physical Symptoms

Have you ever been to see your doctor about a recently developing medical condition only to have him or her ask questions relating to your emotional state? While such questions were not necessarily routine in previous generations, they are becoming increasingly more so as the... [read more]

IV Therapy for Shingles and Other Conditions

Naturopathic medicine is still not the go-to option in America, but more people are coming around to our more natural way of healing as they learn about the benefits of naturopathy. For example, IV therapy is growing in popularity for the treatment of numerous conditions,... [read more]

Improve Family Nutrition by Creating Positive Memories

Any successful real estate agent will tell you that the chances of making a sale rise dramatically if homeowners trying to sell their properties do something as simple as leaving a freshly baked apple pie or loaf of bread on the kitchen counter just before... [read more]

Healthy Eating vs. Exercise: Is Either Better than the Other?

Healthy eating versus exercise: is either one better than the other? If we naturopaths had a dollar for every time we heard that question we would have a lot of dollars. And unfortunately, far too many in the business of being healthy try to convince... [read more]

Could Malnutrition and Bacterial Imbalance Be Linked?

Malnutrition is nothing new. The medical community has been studying the condition, especially in children, for generations and across nearly every continent. We know it exists. We know that malnutrition can lead to all sorts of chronic physical problems as children grow. What has often... [read more]